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So its been a few weeks now since ATI Airtest announced that they had won the battle for rights to the Jason C Wong technology . This , we were led to believe was to be earth shatterring in consequence with its revolutionary inprovements to gas sensing devices. Heck, George Graham even was at a ...

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Dubai elite to switch cognacs?


The time bomb keeps ticking....The credit crisis, which has been concealed to a greater extent has lurched its ugly head forward this week with the developments from Dubai of all places, The dike keeps springing leaks, this time Dubai has admitted internationally to deep problems, asking for time o ...

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Happy Thanksgiving to our US Readers

1,048 Happy Thanksgiving to our US Readers

  Happy Thanksgiving to all of our readers from the United States celebrating tomorrow. We have reason to give thanks too.  Because of you, we are ranked in the top 118,000 sites in the States in our very young history. ...

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WWF-What does reticent mean?


Letter from MF... Dear XXXXXXX, I am working on two independent sources of project finance in addition to Sid. Good chance both will be papered up this week. Either way Winfield still has to raise $50,000 prior to commencing 2008 audit. Where we are at right now is the 2008 audit book has b ...

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US Housing Market Forecast


Just sharing with you what I learned yesterday from a webinar I attended. The presenter, and economist from a Large Financial Institution stated:(and I paraphrase) 'We will continue to see a DECLINE in home values of 5-7% through mid 2010, and then a FLAT LINE until mid 2011, thereafter an INCREA ...

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MC Exclusive – ATI Today and Tomorrow

1,282 MC Exclusive - ATI Today and Tomorrow

A marketcents exclusive... direct from company president George Graham at my request to help explain what the technology represents to shareholders. Read the last sentence. Conservative george is not just fluffing his tailfeathers AIRTEST TECHNOLOGIES INC. – EXISTING BUSINESS AirTest Te ...

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Independent Research Report

2,282 fundamental_research/EnterpriseOilfield110909.pdf This report values Enterprise Oilfields stock at 36c/share. In my opinion the analyst does not take into consideration the fact that huge infrastructure expenditures within the oil industry are ...

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WWF – November Overview

1,021 WWF - November Overview

NOVEMBER 2009   WINFIELD has chosen to list its shares on the Canadian National Stock Exchange, CNSX. To meet the CNSX minimum listing requirements WINFIELD must retire all debt and have $50,000 in general working capital.                                ...

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Paterson on “The Warning”

925 Paterson on

I asked  Andrew Paterson, my favorite radio and internet personality to comment on the CBC documentary that I posted about...'The Warning  '. here is his response printed as recieved. Enjoy. Once again...heres the link. Also refresh yourself with my post.."derivatives..Meet the new boss, same as t ...

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Devon Energy NR

585 Devon Energy NR

Devon Energy, one of Enterprise Oilfields key customers news release  will be 'tremendous' for our little service company, according to company officials in St Albert AB Devon Energy Announces Plan to Strategically Reposition Company as High-Growth, Onshore North American Exploration and Product ...

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