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Roy in Vancouver

597 Roy in Vancouver

Hi to all my fellow yuletide revelers I am sure you are all wondering where I have been for the past bit. I've popped my head up in Vancouver BC and have arranged a doubleheader for Wed. Dec 30. Both George Graham from AAT and Mike Foley from Winfield will be on the menu. Accompanying me will ...

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MarketCents Watch List

1,010 MarketCents Watch List

  Victoria BC, Chicago, IL December 25, 2009 – and Marketcents Media Group Inc. (, an up-and-coming penny stock / small-cap information site, released its Canadian Penny Stocks to Watch. Canadian Penny Stocks to Watch: AirTest Technologies Inc. ...

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Merry Christmas

1,473 Merry Christmas

To all of our readers and subscribers... Marketcents Admin ...

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Enterprise Announces pp

1,898 Enterprise  Announces pp

  Enterprise Oilfield Group, Inc. Announces Private Placement Enterprise Oilfield Group Inc E 12/22/2009 5:56:00 PM ST. ALBERT, ALBERTA, Dec 22, 2009 (Marketwire via COMTEX News Network) -- Enterprise Oilfield Group, Inc. ("Enterprise" or the "Corporation") (TSX:E) announces that it has cl ...

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Winfield candle of hope

723 Winfield candle of hope

  Its been a non event this 2009 for us Winfield shareholders as far as trading resuming..and things dont look good for 2010. The pp has kept the auditor fed, but thats about all, and we are behind the eight ball for another audit.All in all very disheartening. Most of the judicious rats have a ...

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Rock in the storm of doubt

544 Rock in the storm of doubt

  All of us that have ever played sports know this feeling. Getting an early lead then watching as in dwindles and you find yourself behnd, saying "what happened?". The situastion is lowlighted like a play at 3.5c, your out of wind. As the game progresses the field levels again and confidence is ...

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WWF- Soup is on!

776 WWF- Soup is on!

  The difference between a tasty soup and one that tastes like dishwater lies in the soup stock. Heard of chicken stock cubes or other such soup stock cubes. I don't use them. I like my soups healthy, without MSG or other food additives and those instant soup stocks, though they can make any ...

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Jacob Y Wong visiting Vancouver

949 Jacob Y Wong visiting Vancouver

  Jacob Y Wong is in Vancouver today until Friday . His schedule is meeting with possible project financiers, brokerage firms and other notables in the market scene locally. Marketcents hopes to have an overview of his trip near the latter part of next week. ...

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Slow n Steady wins the race

689 Slow n Steady wins the race

Six hundred thousand at 3 1/2 cents certainly highlights the frustration level of all of us. Although I feel for the guy who bought this at 8, and got a haircut for around 25ooo bucks out of underscores the devestating effect of too many underwritings in such a short period of time. The wo ...

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EPA and the Copenhagen Conference


EPA says greenhouse gases endanger human health By DINA CAPPIELLO and H. JOSEF HEBERT, Associated Press Writer Dina Cappiello And H. Josef Hebert, Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON – The Environmental Protection Agency took a major step Monday toward regulating greenhouses gases, concluding t ...

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