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Immigration Law – US and Mexico that different?


Mexico's president criticized the new Arizona immigration law for being discriminatory. How tough are Mexican immigration laws? By Christopher BeamPosted Thursday, April 29, 2010, at 7:18 PM ET Rally against the new Arizona immigration law Mexican President Felipe Calderón criticized the new Ar ...

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Guns don’t kill people


With the recent surge in violent crime in Chicago, two Illinois lawmakers have asked the Governor to send in the National Guard to help.  To date, there have been 113 homicide victims which could surpass previous years.                    Homicides 1990-2008  1990: 851 1991 ...

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Big “E” goes unnoticed – until….

731 Big

Id like to comment on the last NR from Enterprise Oilfields. Last winter marketcents predicted a turnaround in the patch and infrastructure building for the oil services industry. It was spot on and timely. The only thing left is for the stock price to reflect the strides and achievements made by ...

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Proud to be Canadian

557 Proud to be Canadian

Fraser Institute says being Canadian is taxing 2010-04-20 14:56 ET - Street Wire by Niels Veldhuis and Milagros Palacios of the Fraser Institute INCOME TAX JUST THE TIP OF THE TAXBERG As Canadians diligently complete their tax returns, many will come to the shocking realization of just ...

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Cowboy Tombstone

591 Cowboy Tombstone

Make sure you read the five rules listed after the picture of the tombstone. COWBOY TOMB STONE Headstone of Russell J. Larsen in The Logan City Cemetery , Logan , Utah I wonder if he died knowing he won the 'Coolest Headstone' contest? And five rules for a happy life at the bottom. FIVE RULES ...

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WWF and Mauritania concerns???


Reason for concern? or not? 4 Saharan Nations Establish Joint Anti-Terror Command VOA News 21 April 2010 Four Sahara desert nations are opening a joint military headquarters to coordinate their efforts against al-Qaida. Algeria, Mali, Mauritania and Niger have all experienced troub ...

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Enterprise NR….Official Update


Enterprise Oilfield wins pipeline deals for $3-million 2010-04-21 09:34 ET - News Release Mr. Leonard Jaroszuk reports ENTERPRISE OILFIELD GROUP, INC. PROVIDES CORPORATE UPDATE Enterprise Oilfield Group Inc. has released shareholder updates on several items. Industry activity has improved. The ...

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There seems to be a FLAW in the AG System

590 There seems to be a FLAW in the AG System

There seems to be a FLAW in the newly proposed change in the AG System Upgrade. Disclaimer:  I have found this, and NO have not tried this nor will I.  (AG has to go back to the drawing board on this one.) IMHO How do I change my IP address?   "How do I change my IP address?" and "Can I ch ...

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9 1/2 Weeks


Who can forget Kim Basinger in that one...she left her hat on as i recall. According to Hockey night in Canada the 'other' 9 1/2 weeks is about to begin with the advent of the Stanley Cup playofffs. Its  hockey widow time again and everyone has come up with a pick. HNIC and George Gumby both ...

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The Gold/silver Comex Scam


Andrew Macguire, the metals trader known as the whistle blower on the ongoing scam being engineered by the US Federal Reserve has made front oage on nthe New york Post, It only goes to further prove the complete and utter indifference that the US government has shown to the whole schmozzle they have ...

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