- Silver Falcon Mining – Invest Idaho EB5 Project Proposal

Invest Idaho LLC, a United States Citizens & Immigration Services (USCIS) approved Regional Center for the state of Idaho, is pleased to present Silver Falcon Mining’s  first EB5 offering to Foreign Investors. This project gives an EB5 foreign Investor the ability to invest into two proven commodities – Gold & Silver.

This project not only provides adequate jobs to secure your VISA, it also offers a return on investment above most other EB5 projects. This project offers a 6% annual return starting after year two.


This EB5 offering is for 15% ($1.5 million = 3 EB5 Investors) of the total dollars used to build SilverFalcon’s closed circuit cyanide treatment process and facility. The closed circuit cyanide leaching unit is designed by Gekko systems PTY. Ltd., an Australian company experienced in cyanidation equipment with “clean discharge”.

The new facility will allow Silver Falcon Mining to process the 30,000 tons of material currently compiled. This material contains 4.38 grams of gold per ton and 16.44 grams of silver per ton, at a current average price of $1,700.00 per ounce for gold and $30.00 per ounce for silver.

Prepared for: Trenz Pruca

Prepared by: Urna Semper

3rd Party Prepared/Vairified

June 30, 2012

Proposal number: 123-4567


These precious metals are kept in Silver Falcon Mining’s “tailings storage area”. The tailings storage area is under tight security at their mill location in Murphy, Idaho.

The current supply of materials stored under security at Silver Falcon Minings mill location in Murphy, Idaho holds the following:

30,000 @ 4.38 gr/ton or .1545 oz/ton of gold and

30,000 @ 16.44 gr/ton or 0.5799 oz/ton of silver

Sub-total of:

$7,879,500. US dollars worth of gold

$521,910. US dollars worth of silver


Income Total:

$8,401,410. US dollars


Net profit income dollars from leaching process are being used to repay, interest and original funding, to EB5 foreign investors within five years; first repayment starting in year three.



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