air[1]Five news releases from a snoozing issue….Options set, financings arranged and implied, key personnel committed for another three years, new technology and products in place and underway….a 6 for 1 rollback that has in fact knocked the share price from 4c pre rollback (25 cents) to presently 4 cents post rollback….will snoozing ATI Airtest become the Sleeping Giant next year?…The mileposts on the road say yes. i have followed penny stocks as a trader/broker etc since 1979 and this is what you look for…a low risk, hi rewaqrd oversold situation that has blue sky potential.
In keeping with the festive Christmas spirit, someone should call Dr Suess, because the dirty rotten Grinch has left a pink bowed box under the tree for all good AAT investors, past present and future, To those that own stock at higher levels for a considerable time, their eyes will light up like Cindy Lou Who when the management ‘stuffs the stock up’ through the chimney fire of last year through the roof!
With but 24 million outstanding at a median avg trading price of 35 cents in present terms, any positive news will push the price quickly.
For instance….the completion of a 2 to 4 million dollar financing would put ther company in a super position for expansion and lack of cash flow hinderance in the forseeable future. Imagine what an agressive series of interested parties buy orders would do. There is but $10000 in paper available to 5cents…a single order of $100k would push it beyond a dime. Competing buy orders would jump one another to who knows.It would be like a gold stock with a huge find, except better….the moneys in the bank with a junior industrial like this one, Roys favorite stock
I am sure that as financing closes or nears completion, news will trickle through to new, deep pocket friends and associates of the financier who will scramble for paper.
Its too late then…youll be paying in the high teens or more after a trading halt….at least.
A small position can be collected at current 4 to 5 cent levels prersently at very little cost or risk
Think about it
The only hurdle is the financing….to this end I say that a ‘bridge’ financing of 200K has been done. Methinks nobody would do this without some inkling of progress
President George Graham has told me that he has a number of possibilities in the brick oven, and could not elaborate. I will be pestering him for a little more than that in a planned phone interview before Christmas. I am hoping for a bit more than a ‘no comment’ and a smile, and will report to you, my faithful flock
Stay tuned to for any glint of light Mr Graham may have for us
so go Xmas shopping at year end blow out prices
ATI Airtest Technologies is listed on the TSX Venture Exchange

Bob Gilbert

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