SFMI similar to Training a horse?

125x1251[1]After reading these simple steps, I believe you will agree with this writer that SFMI stock needs to be treated in a similar manner.


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Train your horse to stop in response to light pressure on the reins. Begin by standing next to the horse. Pull both reins lightly to get the horse to step backward. Gradually increase the pressure until the horse complies. As soon as it does, release the pressure. Build up to making the horse take several steps back at a time.

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Walk alongside the horse with its bridle on. Lightly pull the reins, increasing pressure until the animal stops and steps backward. Release the pressure when it does. Repeat this many times until the horse halts in response to light pressure on the reins. Try this running alongside the horse at a trot. If you always release pressure the instant the horse stops, it will soon begin to stop with light pressure.

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Pull the reins lightly while sitting on the horse, to indicate that the horse should step backward. Walk a few steps with the horse, then make the horse stop. You should be comfortable with gently increasing pressure and releasing when it complies.

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Progress to trotting a few steps and making the horse stop. To indicate the animal should go forward, rise off the saddle slightly and squeeze the horse lightly with both of your legs. After a few steps, stop, let your weight fall onto the saddle and pull the reins lightly.

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Command the horse to stop if it tries to rush or move faster than you, then release pressure. Ride the horse forward and continue the process of constantly stopping the animal, to train it to respond to your control.

Riding high in the saddle on SFMI (and my horse too)



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