Paterson on “The Warning”

I asked  Andrew Paterson, my favorite radio and internet personality to comment on the CBC documentary that I posted about…’The Warning  ‘. here is his response printed as recieved. Enjoy. Once again…heres the link. Also refresh yourself with my post..”derivatives..Meet the new boss, same as the old boss



“…until we learn from experience.” – Brooksley Born

So, who’s paying ANY attention? Presidents come and go, but the handlers stay in power. The British series “Yes, Minister” accurately portrayed the fact that civil servants run the show, and politicians are mere puppets. And of course, the civil servants receive their orders from the “grey men” (eg. H. Kissinger) who get their orders from the black aristocracy. The Bilderbergers, CFR, RIIA, etc. are the only visible aspect of this control mechanism.

These ruling creatures fully understand human psychology, and how to manipulate it — especially mass psychology. Greedy and fearful people are easy to manipulate and control. So by making abundant resources scarce, and showing the very real possibility of homelessness to the public, people are reduced to their basest instincts. Throw in sex and drugs and rock’n'roll, and you have disempowered shells of humanity locked in an endless pursuit of narcissistic distractions. The answers to the problem are, in fact, quite simple, and obvious to anyone left with even the smallest capacity for critical analysis. The fact that the masses have been led by the nose for so long speaks to how well the ruling elite have perfected their craft.

The good news is that the current flu/vaccine “crisis” is being seen as false by so many. Will this be the trigger that causes enough people to wake up and take the actions necessary to re-establish civilized society? Time, as always, will tell.

Thanks for reading!

 I reiterater …Everybody with something to lose should take the 45 minutes to get a factual accounting on what the causes were to our current financial meltdown

Thanks to Mr Paterson for his response printed as received. Enjoy

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